We need to give Sally, Janet and Brie a collective name of some sort~ Sort of like shipping names, only this isn’t a ship, it’s just three talented, majestic people who do some of the most incredible work I have ever seen~!

But we should give them a little group name or something. It makes for easy tagging if nothing else.

What do people think?

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#Viclockians #wingsunfurled #momentai-rawr #isidarify #what do you guys think? Or am I just being silly?
  1. bonzananza answered: THE THREE STOOGES
  2. wingsunfurled answered: Haha we don’t need a ship name. But if we did I like IsiMoWing because it sounds like ‘Is he moing?’ How utterly domestic. :P
  3. kinkymycroft answered: Wingsintaify?
  4. ladyveldy said: Wingsirawr? *it sounds like some pokemon name lol*
  5. weavers-threshold answered: Brisalja
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